Top 10 Career Myths (And Why You Shouldn’t Panic if You Don’t Know What You Want to Do)

Top 10 Career Myths (And Why You Shouldn’t Panic if You Don’t Know What You Want to Do)

It’s natural for us to try to connect a specific major to a specific career. For example, “I’m a Psychology major, therefore my only career option is to be a psychologist.” Or, similarly, “I want to be a psychologist, but I’m not a Psychology major, so I can’t pursue that career path.” The fact of the matter is that these are two of many “career myths,” and the good news is that neither of these statements is true in any way! When employers are hiring, they are looking at the skillset you have, not your major. You’re building these skills within the classroom no matter what your major is, and you can also build these skills through part-time jobs, internships, leadership and involvement on campus, study abroad, volunteer work, and more!

So, if you don’t know what you want to do yet—don’t panic! There’s no such thing as a “perfect” major that will get you a specific job, so keep working hard in the classroom while also pursuing the activities outside of the classroom that excite you. If you are unhappy in your major, the same principle applies! You do not have to have a career in anything related to your major. The important thing to note is that for either of these issues, the Career Center is here to help you find both a major and a career you are passionate about. Make an appointment with your career advisor today!

To hear more career myths, as well as the facts that dispel them, give this document a read.
Posted by Scasta, Jennifer A on 4/2/2018 9:50:36 AM

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