Hiring Manager Tells All

Hiring Manager Tells All

Howdy Ags,

It is 2018; networking is the status quo. Do you know how to go from reading a job posting to onboarding as the company’s newest employee? Learn how to be unique and get yourself noticed. Recent feedback from a hiring manager went viral on LinkedIn and has brought up a really important point. Here’s what he wrote:

“I'm not looking for resumes — I'm looking for a sales person, a go-getter.
So, here's the total score:
- 92 resumes submitted, 0 resumes read by me
- 1 applicant who took the time to research me and my business, find my email address, and proactively reach out in a personal and connecting way. I'm interviewing that woman this coming week, and still haven't reviewed anyone else's resume.
If you're in the job market — Take initiative, get aggressive, and put yourself out there.
Find someone who knows someone who knows the person who is hiring…and reach out! 
Do your research.  There is always a way – find it! 
If you are a company hiring sales people, stop wasting your time collecting and reading resumes and conducting pointless phone screens. Be an opportunistic and attractive place to work, have a kick ass culture, and keep your senses open to being impressed by someone who got your attention in a creative way.  Hire those people regardless of their “resumes.”
What unique steps have you taken to get yourself noticed???
Happy Hunting. PS — I'm still hiring. “
Finding a job can be trying when you are sending in resume after resume and not hearing anything back. Learn to stand out in a meaningful way! Take the time to research the person that posted the job, find their contact information, and reach out to them in a personal and connecting way. The best way to succeed in the job market is to take initiative and be aggressive, someone will notice. A little bit of extra effort goes a long way. Be proactive, do your research, and be unique!

This being said, remember that the Career Center is here to help Aggies succeed! Take full advantage of the Career Centers resources; attend career fairs to network and ease the job search, come to walk in advising to get you brushed up and ready to market yourself, and most importantly schedule a meeting with you advisor to help you out with your job search! As a current student, trust me when I say that the Career Center has proven the most valuable resource to help me understand how to succeed in the job market! The best part of all of this is that all the services are included in your tuition and fees, and even Former Students can schedule career consultations with our advisors at no cost. Visit the Career Center’s website at http://careercenter.tamu.edu to read about all the services it has to offer (there’s a ton!).

Hopefully reading this has changed your outlook on the hiring process and has inspired you to go out and get your dream job. In the wise words of Oprah “Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do.” Goodluck & Gig’Em!
  • Written by Annabel Irvine ‘19
  • Quote by Josh Mastel, Founder and CEO of UpRoar Partners
Posted by Scasta, Jennifer A on 2/19/2018 9:40:35 AM

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