Law School Caravan

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 Law School Caravan has been cancelled. In it's place, the LSAC has created LSAC Law School Forums.


The LSAC Law School Forums provide a free opportunity to meet with representatives from 100+ law schools in a city near you.  You will learn about the application process, financial aid, and can attend exclusive workshops run by law school admissions experts. 


These open-house-style recruitment events make it easy for you to research law schools on a more personal level.  LSAC Law School Forums and all forum workshops are free to attend! 

Please visit to learn more. 

Digital Forums are currently scheduled for:

  • Saturday, September 26, time TBD

  • Tuesday, October 13, time TBD

  • Wednesday, November 4, tine TBD

For more information about how COVID-19 will affect the Law School Forums, please visit COVID-19 Law School Forum Updates.