The goals of the curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Science in Health are to more effectively develop literate, informed professionals capable of making the world healthier and more humane. Students receive a general education through a broad exposure to information. They also receive a specialized education through coursework designed to help them develop as a professional, expand their knowledge and skills related to health education and prepare them for professional practice. The curriculum in health offers two options: the Allied Health track and the School Health track.

The Allied Health option gives students a strong background in health that serves them well if they choose to pursue additional schooling in an allied health area. This concentration provides an opportunity for students to take prerequisite courses for professional allied health schools as electives while receiving a background in the health education field.  Students select electives from a list of prerequisites for specific professional schools such as nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, etc.

The School Health provides a background in the basic health sciences and pedagogy and prepares educators to plan, implement and evaluate health education in a variety of settings with an emphasis on teaching health in school settings. Graduates have the ability to acquire K-12 teacher certification credentials enabling them to teach health only in public or private schools although students are encouraged to become certified in a support teaching field through the use of core curriculum and support field electives. Students frequently take support field electives that also serve as course pre-requisites for professional schools such as nursing, PA, PT or other medical fields of study. Each student completes appropriate course work in academic foundations and professional education as well as participates in several field experiences representing a variety of levels and types of instruction. All students will complete a full semester of student teaching in a school setting as a culminating experience.


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Health Care Administrator, Health Care Support Staff, Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Optometrist, Pharmacist, Physical Therapist, Physician Assistant, Health Educator, High School Health Teacher, Middle School Health Teacher, and more

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