Computer Science

Computer science is a broad discipline that deals with the analysis, design and synthesis of computer systems and their applications. Computer scientists develop the programs that run computers, from the small ones on your kitchen counter top to the large ones on Space Shuttles and Mars Rovers. They help design robots that can assist in search and rescue operations in times of disaster. Computer scientists create the algorithms that drive Artificial Intelligence. They create the motion planning software that can replicate protein misfolding so that we can better understand diseases such as Alzheimer's. They look for ways to make human-computer interaction more natural and efficient by developing technologies such as sketch recognition. Computer scientists analyze web data in order to make the Internet and other networks safer and more efficient. Overall, they solve complex problems in order to make the world a better place.

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Software Developer, Software Engineer, Computer Scientist, Sales Engineer, Network Security Analyst, Consultant, Programmer, and more

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