Food Systems Industry Management

World food production must increase 70% by the year 2050 to feed an additional 2.3 billion people. Food processing, safety, and quality systems are critical for enhancing food security.

To provide a safe and accessible food supply, the food industry needs more people trained in creating distribution systems, managing development of food products, and understanding economic forces impacting these structures. In addition, consumers are increasingly demanding locally sourced foods and becoming more engaged in the life cycle of foods they eat. A degree is needed to educate Texans on products and food-related processes suited to their community’s needs.

The Food Systems Industry Management (FSIM) major provides training for the next generation of food industry managers. This major is a collaboration among the Departments of Nutrition and Food Science, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, and Agricultural Economics. FSIM focuses on research and development as well as best practices.

By applying science, engineering, and economics to training in food manufacturing and distribution, the FSIM major fills a critical gap in the food industry. Graduates will be prepared to bring together food supply chain management and best practices for food quality and safety — skills that are essential in a competitive global economy. This degree will train students to

  • Perform economic and system analyses
  • Operate and manage food processing, storage, and distribution systems
  • Manage and utilize databases and information systems
  • Apply scientific and engineering process controls to a food system
  • Address current and future regulations within the Food Safety Modernization Act

FSIM majors will have access to a growing job market in the food, retail, and allied industries that support and supply the global food industry. Employers of these students will appreciate their technical expertise and business acumen needed to meet the needs of communities around the world. These graduates will aid in finding means and resources to feed billions.

What do you want to do with Food Systems Industry Management?

Career ideas for FSIM majors

Account and sales executive; Marketing and brand manager; Data analyst; Facilities, logistics, or distribution manager; Quality assurance/control; Wholesale/retail buyer; Nutrition services supervisor; and more

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