University Studies - Tourism & Coastal Community Development

The TAMUG University Studies concentration in Tourism & Coastal Community Development (TCCD) transforms Galveston campus students into a new class of professionals with the knowledge and skills to help coastal communities progress, while maintaining sound ecological and environmental practices. Such thinking involves an interdisciplinary approach that engenders creative and critical thinking about such issues as maritime public policy, communication, marine science, sociology, and ecology.    

Students selecting the TCCD concentration graduate from Texas A&M University Galveston campus with a Bachelor of Science in University Studies, with the capability to guide industry and community toward a path that is both sustainable and economically beneficial. The goal of the TCCD concentration is to instill a host of skills important to gaining meaningful careers in the growing fields of tourism and community affairs.

Students who pursue Univeristy Studies - Tourism & Coastal Community Development will be required to have two minors in addition to their concentration.

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Career ideas for University Studies - Tourism & Coastal Community Development majors

Ecotourism, Coastal Community Planning and Development, Environmental Policy and Legislative Affairs, Sports Tourism, Convention and Tourism Offices, Hospitality Industry Liaison, Tourism Sociological Impact Researcher, Ecological Economics, NGOs and International Social Justice Legal Centers, Congressional and Legislative Assistant, and more.

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