The range of management positions is broad and diverse, including opportunities in government, the not-for-profit sector and within businesses and corporations. Management majors develop the ability to plan, organize, make decisions, communicate, and lead effectively in a variety of work settings.

Generally, managers are responsible for the successful operation of an agency or business. Specifically, managers conduct some or all of the following activities: Develop strategies and goals, design and maintain organizations’ structures and systems, recruit and train new staff, ensure profitability, motivate employees, develop and maintain an organization’s culture, and make decisions regarding the future of the organization.

Students in this major focus their studies in one of five areas: 1) Consulting and General Management, 2) Entrepreneurial Leadership, 3) Human Resource Management, 4) Nonprofit Management, or 5) Pre-Law.

1) The Consulting and General Management track will appeal to students interested in problem-solving and helping individuals or organizations as they maneuver the business environment, whether the student anticipates working in the consulting industry or in any managerial role.

2) The Entrepreneurial Leadership track is designed for students interested in learning the entrepreneurial process, the role of creativity in identifying and/or developing entrepreneurial opportunities, the elements of a business plan, and the leadership practices associated with successful organizations.

3) A career in human resources allows HR professionals to engage in the strategic management of an organization’s human capital.  Students in the Human Resource Management track will learn how HR professionals develop and implement workplace policies and initiatives regarding employee recruiting, selection, compensation, training & development, performance management, career planning, and employee & labor relations.

4) Become a force for social change and advance the “public good.” Students in the Nonprofit Management track will learn how to lead charitable, educational, religious and scientific nonprofit organizations.

5) The Pre-Law track will expose students to opportunities that combine law and business, and could include careers in corporate law, international affairs, public policy, and conflict resolution, to name a few.  Many students in this track will pursue a law degree or other advanced degree.

What do you want to do with Management?

Career ideas for Management majors

Training Specialist, Logistics Manager, Benefits Analyst/Coordinator, Management Consultant, Business Consultant, Financial Advisor, Hotel/Restaurant Manager, Property Manager, Human Resources Manager, Retail Store Manager, Insurance Sales Representative, Small Business Owner, Property Manager, and more

Remember: Your major does not equal your career! For more ideas about how to put your education to work, talk with your specific Career Advisor.

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