Sport Management

This major is for students interested in the study of sports from a business perspective with the goal of entering the sport industry. Additionally, students may be interested in pursuing careers as administrators and managers in athletic, health, and country clubs, as well as entry-level management positions in college and professional athletic organizations. This major has two options: internship and non-internship. A Sports Management major with internship option prepares students for careers in managing sport, fitness, and athletic programs. The internship program allows students to gain real world experience that often opens doors to jobs in the field. Within the non-internship option, students are prepared for a diversity of roles in the areas of sport marketing and promotions, facility management and planning, activity programming, and events management. Non-internship students must also complete two minors (i.e., Business, Journalism Studies, or Communication).

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Career ideas for Sport Management majors

Administrators and Managers in Athletic, Health, and Country Clubs; Activity Programming and Events Management; Facility Management and Planning; Sport Marketing and Promotions, and more

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