University Studies - Biomedical Sciences

This major overlaps with the Biomedical Sciences major for 21-24 hours of applied biology and requires the same prerequisites such as Fundamentals of Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Comprehensive Biochemistry, etc. The curriculum is designed to provide a strong four-year that emphasizes versatility of the graduate in the biological and medical sciences. This University Studies degree requires two minors and the minors must be chosen from an approved list. Please note that Biology or Biomedical Sciences CANNOT be selected as minors to couple with this concentration.

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Professional programs in human medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, osteopathy, podiatry, optometry, and pharmacy; Medical Technologist, Physician Assistant, Nurse, Laboratory and Research Technician, Radiation Technologist, Hospital Administration, Pharmaceutical and Drug Marketing, Research Equipment Manufacture and Sales, Food Safety, Biomedical Research, Disease Control, Zoonoses and Epidemiology, Laboratory Animal Care, Zoo and Aquatic Animal Supervision, Health-related Inspection and Regulatory Work, and more

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