University Studies - Health Humanities

The Health Humanities is a growing, cross-disciplinary field that practices the analysis of health and illness within cultural activities and products. Students of the Health Humanities may use methods of analysis drawn from history, literature, philosophy, bioethics, and comparative religion, as well as social sciences (i.e., sociology, anthropology, and psychology) in order to better understand the lived experience of health and illness. Health Humanities serves to question the 'two cultures' thesis that postulates the sciences and humanities are separate, arguing instead that our experience of health and illness is never only biological or ‘cultural,’ but always both. Grounding in this interdisciplinary field prepares undergraduates with skills and knowledge relevant to careers in healthcare or graduate school in humanities or social sciences.

Students who select this University Studies concentration are required to complete two minors of 15-18 hours each (NOTE: one of the minors must be outside the College of Liberal Arts). Students in this major earn the Bachelor of Science degree.

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Health Care Administrator, Health Care Support Staff, Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Optometrist, Pharmacist, Physical Therapist, Physician Assistant, Health Educator, High School Health Teacher, Middle School Health Teacher, and more

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