What kinds of jobs can I get with a Nutritional Science major?

Many students who have a degree in Nutritional Science will choose on a career as a dietician or nutritionist and may work in a variety of settings, including health care or public health, education, business, industry, research, consulting or have their own private practice. Most positions require the applicant to have passed a national exam by the Commission on Dietetic Registration and be certified as a registered dietician.

More information on a Registered Dietician career http://www.eatright.org/cps/rde/xchg/SID-5303FFEA-CDE44BF8/ada/hs.xsl/career_748_ENU_HTML.htm

If you are not sure what you want to do with your degree, think about what you enjoy doing.  Below is a listing of occupations for nutrition science majors that are grouped by the 6 Holland  interest types:

Social Interests - I like to work with people or animals by helping, educating, informing, training, or healing.
Clinical Dietician                Clinical Pharmacist Nutrition Specialist Community Dietician           Diabetes Dietician
Dietician Teacher              Extension Specialist
Health Educator                Hospital Dietician
International Nutritionist     Nursing Home Dietician
Medical Nutrition Therapist  Nurse/patient educator
Nutrition Educator              Pediatric dietitian
School Dietitian                 Sports Nutrition Specialist
Wellness Instructor

Investigative Interests - I like to observe, learn, analyze, evaluate or solve problems.
Flavor Chemist                  Food Chemist
Food Scientist                  Food Technologist
Formulations Scientist        Microbiologist
Nutrition Biochemist           Nutrition Researcher
Pharmaceutical Researcher  Sensory Scientist

Enterprising Interests - I like to work with people by influencing, managing or persuading.
Chief Dietician                  Corporate Wellness Center Manager Dietician Consultant           Labeling and Regulatory Manager
Nutrition Policy Maker         Nutritional Suppliment Sales
Public Health Policy Maker   Public Relations Advisor     
Quality Assurance Supervisor

Conventional Interests - I like to work with data or numbers, I have good attention to detail and like to follow a process through to completion.
Food Compliance Officer     Food Industry Quality Control Officer Food product developer      Food Safety Inspector
Food Technologist             New Products and Package Specialist  QA Specialist                    Regulatory Inspector
Artistic Interests - I like to use imagination or creativity and prefer unstructured work environments.
Chef                               Cookbook writer
Illustrator                        Newspaper Nutrition Writer

Realistic Interests - I like to work with objects, plants or animals or work outdoors.  I may have athletic or mechanical skills.
Camp Cook                      Pet Nutritionist
Pet Gourmet Treat Sales    Sports Nutritionist

With a Nutritional Sciences major, which is one of the many life sciences degrees at Texas A&M University, there are many other life sciences career options available to you.  These opportunities depend on what level degree you have, namely a bachelors, graduate or professional school degree or certification.

Are you still exploring a broader range of career options?  As a starting point, it may be useful to think about your interests in order to narrow down the many career choices. 

This is an alphabetic listing of some of the many occupations all life sciences majors could have with a bachelor's degree or graduate degree or professional degree/certification.  This list is not complete, and more occupations and descriptions are still being added.