Resumes & Cover Letters

The resume is designed to be a marketing tool that will highlight your relevant experience and skills. Because there is not one 'right' way to design a resume, numerous styles and formats exist. You should select the style and format that best fit your qualifications and experience. All resumes should follow certain structural rules and contain certain information.

Need some help with your resume but don’t know where to start?  Use our new Career Center templates to get started without worrying so much about format.  Download the MS Word file, type over the existing text.  You can then stop by room 209 Koldus during walk-in advising hours for a resume review.

Please use the resume checklist below prior to seeking a resume review to avoid some very common mistakes. This checklist is designed for you to use when going over your resume, section by section, to make sure each entry is as complete as possible. Once the checklist is complete, come by room 209 Koldus Monday through Friday 8:30am - 11am or 1:30pm - 4pm (Fall/Spring) to have your resume reviewed by a member of our staff.