Reducing Scanned Document File Sizes

If you are attempting to upload your file to AggieFolio and experiencing problems. Chances are that your file is either too big or your files together are too large. As a rule, you can only upload files that are 10 MB or smaller, and the total size of all of your files must be less than 20 MB.

If you scanned the document that you are trying to upload and "it just saved larger than 10 MB." Do not worry, we can help you make your file smaller!

When you are scanning your document, you should be able to set a few options to make you file smaller. Here are a few suggestions that you can try.

  1. Make sure you are scanning to a PDF. This format has the best file readability to size ratio.
  2. Set the color to either gray scale or black and white.
    • Black and white will always produce files smaller in size, and if you are not trying to convert any images, it is usually easier to read as well.
    • If color is needed, limit it to 256 colors versus 24 bit.
  3. Set it to scan for a fax or set the DPI to a minimum of 200.
    • Note, increasing you DPI can greatly increase your file size, so do not increase to too much larger than 200.

These are some sample images, all scanned at 200 DPI

This is a PDF document scanned in full color.
Its file size is 2,695 KB

This is a PDF document scanned in gray scale.
Its file size is 1,390 KB

This is a PDF document scanned in black and white.
Its file size is 102 KB

If all of these option fail. Feel free to come by the Career Center at 209 Koldus. We have a scanner in the lobby that is already set up to make it easy for you. If you still need help, email, call, or come in to contact the Support Team for more help.