Career Readiness Bootcamp Badge (CRBB)

What is it? 

The Career Readiness Bootcamp Badge (CRBB) is designed for students to learn the necessary tools to help them prepare for their upcoming internship & job search season. There are a series of workshops and tasks that are required to complete in order to receive the badge. If a student completes all the requirements, they will receive a digital badge that can be shared on social media/LinkedIn and used on their resume. 

How to Access the Checklist for completing the bootcamp?

  1. Log into the HireAggies portal
  2. Click on "Resources" in the top navgiation menu. 
  3. Under Featured tools on the Resources page, click on "Pathways". 
  4. Click on the “Summer 2022 Career Readiness Bootcamp Badge 
  5. Click on the start button to begin the program. 
  6. Once you start the pathways, you will see a check list of the required tasks and workshops.
Note: Attendance at workshops will be verified by  Career Center staff. 

Requirements to earn a certificate:

  • Attend 5 virtual workshops (3 required topics & 2 pick your own) 
  • Create or update HireAggies Profile 
  • Upload Resume to Vmock and improve score (if initial score is below 85) 
  • Complete a Mock Interview in HireAggies 
  • Create a LinkedIn Profile that meets All-Star Status 
  • Post-Assessment 

Career Readiness Bootcamp Badge Workshops 

Workshop Dates Time Shortlink
Fundamentals of Resumes & Cover Letters* July 6 12:00 pm
LinkedIn 101 July 7 4:00 pm
Internship & Job Search Strategies for Liberal Arts Majors* July 11 5:30pm
Nail the Interview* July 12 5:30 pm
Study Abroad & Stand Out  July 13 2:30pm 
LinkedIn 101 July 13 5:30 pm
Fundamentals of Resumes & Cover Letters* July 14 2:00 pm
Internship & Job Search Strategies for All Majors* July 15 1:00 pm
Career Fair Prep 101 July 18 6:00 pm
Nail the Interview * July 19 2:00 pm
Career Fair Prep 101 July 20 10:00 am
Gaining Experience to Build Your College Resume July 21 12:00 pm
Enneagram 101 & Careers July 25 11:00 am
Internship & Job Search Strategies for STEM Majors* July 26 11:00 am
Nail the Interview* July 27 10:00 am
Fundamentals of Resumes & Cover Letters* July 28 5:00 pm
Why Graduate School? July 29 3:00 pm
Employer Q&A Panel August 2 5:30pm 
Fundamentals of Resumes & Cover Letters* August 3 12:00 pm
Employer Q&A Panel August 3 5:30 pm
Nail the Interview Workshop* August 4 1:00 pm
Navigating the Job Market as a POC August 4 3:30 pm
Internship & Job Search Strategies* August 5 1:00 pm
*indicates a required workshop 

Earn MaroonBase points! For each workshop that you attend, you can earn 100 MaroonBase points. If you complete the whole Career Readiness Bootcamp Badge program, you will recieve 1,100 MaroonBase points. Each 200 MaroonBase points enters you 1 in the next monthly drawing where 3 students win $500 each. All points go toward the semester-long competition for up to $2,000! Don’t worry about checking in on the MaroonBase app – the Career Center will confirm your attendance with MaroonBase. For more info on the MaroonBase program, go to:


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