6 Simple Steps to landing a job

6 Simple Steps to landing a job

Job searching? Not sure where to start? Review our 6 steps to landing a job!

1. Create an account with HireAggies and start researching jobs and companies related to your field

Meet with your Career Advisor for your major
‚ÄčHow do you do that? Easy! Just call the Career Center 979-845-5139. 
Use the meeting as a time to talk about the research you have already done, and ask questions about certain companies, your skill set, and upcoming networking opportunities.

Get your resume reviewed
Lucky enough for you, the Career Center has Resume Review Hours every day. Just use our website to check when you can walk-in, no appointment necessary.

4. Upload this resume to HireAggies and apply to those jobs!
Don’t be afraid to apply to multiple! The worst thing that can happen is you get more than one interview or offer. However, make sure you are genuine and intentional with these applications.

Attend a Career Fair and Networking opportunities
When are those events and how do you find them? Just one click away: Career Fairs

6. Interview and FOLLOW UP
Confirm your interview time, and show up at least 15 minutes early. If you want some practice, the Career Center even offers Mock Interviews with your advisor (call for an appointment). Make sure after the interview you follow up with a handwritten thank you note. That alone will make you stand out against other candidates.

We lied, there is actually a step 7.

Meet with your Career Advisor again.
Why? You need advice juggling how to accept/decline more than one job offer.

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