Class of 2021 Grad Finds Opportunity in Sunshine State

Class of 2021 Grad Finds Opportunity in Sunshine State

Jabreon Jackson, Texas A&M class of 2021 and former Department of Multicultural Services (DMS) student leader, has gone on to seek her master’s in Florida. Jackson is now a first-year master’s student attending Florida State University (FSU) in Tallahassee studying higher education with an emphasis on student affairs, and serves as the FSU Union Administration graduate assistant.
“In my master’s program, I have the opportunity to get real-life student affairs experience as a graduate assistant,” Jackson said. “This assistantship not only comes with a tuition waiver and a bi-weekly stipend (major score!) but is also an integrated piece of my academic program.” Jackson’s coursework ties perfectly into her career path. “Each course I take is highly discussion-based,” she said. “They give me the opportunity to actively contribute to my learning environment, and express the ways in which I am applying classroom information to my job as a working professional!”

Jackson discovered her desired path after questioning her education major. “All of my life, I thought that I would one day teach elementary school,” Jackson said. “I enrolled in Texas A&M as an education major feeling confident that was the right path for me.” Despite her initial confidence, Jackson found herself questioning her original plan. “Nearing the end of my third year, the enthusiasm that my peers had for teaching K-12 students left me feeling confused about my lack of excitement,” Jackson said. “While I love supporting students, I could feel that something was missing. Petrified, I took a leap of faith and began to explore other career options.” Jackson’s mentor then helped guide her on her career journey. “As a highly passionate and involved student leader, my mentor introduced to me student affairs where I could organize events and advise student leaders like myself as a full-time job,” Jackson said. “That leap of faith led me to a career that I truly and deeply love.” 

Jackson advises students to not be afraid to reach out, “If you don’t know something, ask for help,” she said. “Faculty and staff members would frequently offer to answer any questions I had about graduate school. Quite frankly, I didn’t have many questions because I didn’t even know where to begin. Please know that they are prepared for that too! No question is a stupid question (even though it may feel that way).” Jackson received help with her graduate school application process at Texas A&M’s Department of Multicultural Services and advises others to do the same, “There are many different layers to applying for graduate school that I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t let DMS staff members support me through that process,” Jackson said. “Many of them have been in your shoes and would be happy to help you get connected to the resources that you need.”

Jabreon Jackson’s experiences have shown the worth of diversity services. We encourage you to participate in the “Power of Diversity”, a month-long Diversity & Inclusion career development series hosted in partnership with the department of multicultural services. Register for events and learn more at .
To use the career resources Texas A&M provides for its current and former students, visit our website at or make an appointment at Your future starts now!

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