Professional School Advising

Our PSA Team is located in 209 Koldus and can be reached by calling 979-847-8938.

Anne.jpgDr. Anne Blum, '82
Director, JAMP Faculty Advisor

Advises:  Pre-Veterinary
Student Orgs Advisor: ECHO, PUMAS, Pre-Med Society, Pre-Dental Society, Aggie Optometry Club, AMSA, Global Medical Brigades, Global Dental Brigades, Sports for Kids 

Karen-(2).jpgKaren Severn
Associate Director  

Advises:  U3/U4/Former Student Pre-Dental
Student Org Advisor:  Pre-Dental Society

Rachel_-(1).jpgRachel Ciomperlik, '13
Senior Career Coordinator

Advises:  U3/U4/Former Student Pre-Medical
Student Orgs Advisor:  Pre-Med Society, The Executive Council of Health Organizations (ECHO), and Future Aggie Physician Assistants (FAPA

Brie2-(1).jpgBrie Garcia, '02
Assistant Director 

Advises:  Pre-Law and U3/U4/Former Student Pre-Occupational Therapy (OT)
Student Orgs Advisor: OT Society (OTS) and Pre-Law Society

Chanel-(1).jpgChanel Hicks, '14
Career Coordinator

Advises:  Pre-Pharmacy and U3/U4/Former Student Pre-Physical Therapy (PT)
Student Orgs Advisor:  Pre-Pharmacy Society

Dionne.jpgDionne Thomas
Adminstrative Coordinator

Primary Responsibilities:  Supervises and coordinates all aspects of the Medical/Dental Portal.  Dionne is also the PSA student worker supervisor.

Shelby.jpgShelby Wallace, '15
Career Coordinator 

Advises:  Pre-Nursing and U3/U4/Former Student Pre-Physician Assistant (PA)

Student Orgs Advisor:  Future Aggie Physician Assistants (FAPA) and the TAMU Chapter of the American Red Cross
Tammy.jpgTammy L. Whisenant, '09
Administrative Associate

Primary Responsibilities:  Website manager, JAMP advisor, communications contact, special events coordinator, and office manager.
Student Org Advisor:  PUMAS
GabbyBriggs.jpgGabby Briggs, '23
Graduate Assistant

Advises:  First and Second Year Pre-Occupational Therapy (OT), Pre-Physical Therapy (PT), and Pre-Physician Assistant (PA)

TonyPhan.jpgTony Phan, '22
Graduate Assistant 

Advises:  First and Second Year Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental