Applied Mathematical Sciences

Many advances in technology and business are achieved by people applying technical knowledge from statistics, computing science, finance, economics, and mathematics. The curriculum in applied mathematical sciences provides study in all of these areas, with ample electives available to allow further in-depth study of any of these areas. In fact, there are six separate emphasis areas in this curriculum: Actuarial, Biological Science, Computational, Economics, Math, and Statistics. The Actuarial Science emphasis includes mathematical finance. A student completing this program is prepared to enter employment with analytical and quantitative tools relevant to technological industries and/or modern financial markets. On the other hand, with the appropriate electives chosen, the student is prepared to enter quantitatively oriented graduate schools.

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Career ideas for Applied Mathematical Sciences majors

Actuary, Biometrician, Computer Scientist, Consultant, Cryptanalyst, Economist, Information Scientist, Cost Estimator/Analyst, Inventory Risk and Insurance Specialist, Operations Research Analysts, Software Engineer, Statistician, Teacher, Financial Analyst, Business Analyst, and more.

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