Bioenvironmental Sciences

This interdisciplinary environmental degree equips students to play a direct role in developing solutions to environmental problems. Students design an experience in areas such as environmental hazards and regulations, alternative energy sources, environmental sampling, and pathogens and plant diseases.

Major breakthroughs are taking place locally, regionally and globally concerning environmental awareness. Environmental hazards take many forms, including microbial threats, toxic wastes and the indirect impact of man’s activities on a fragile ecosystem. As a result, there is a growing recognition that the solutions to environmental problems require innovative multi-disciplinary perspectives and technologically-intensive approaches. The Bioenvironmental Sciences curriculum (BESC) was designed in consultation with numerous industry representatives in order to comply with the most current thinking on the talents needed for tomorrow’s environmental fields. Students will be prepared for a breadth of career choices in the environmental sciences.

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Career ideas for Bioenvironmental Sciences majors

Environmental Consultant, Environmental Investigator, Environmental Policy Analyst, Municipal Waste Manager, Scientific Researcher, and more

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