Ecological Restoration

Prepare for a career in the restoration or reclamation of damaged lands. Ecological restoration is the process of repairing dysfunctional ecosystems to provide essential ecosystem goods and services important to society. The Ecological Restoration degree prepares students for a career that requires an understanding of the causes of land degradation and strategies for recovery of ecosystems damaged, degraded, or destroyed by natural or human causes.

The curriculum focuses on restoration of damaged ecosystems and landscapes, particularly terrestrial, wetland, and riparian systems in diverse settings that span the rural-urban spectrum. The discipline of ecological restoration requires a strong conceptual/theoretical foundation as well as a practical application component. This degree combines basic sciences, modern technologies, and contemporary ecological knowledge.

Students will develop practical capabilities and gain critical understanding of the interaction of biophysical, socio-economic and political drivers that affect land degradation and restoration through a program that incorporates integrated coursework and an internship with ecological restoration practitioners.

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Career ideas for Ecological Restoration majors

Conservation Specialist, Disaster Relief Planner, Ecological Restoration Engineer, Environmental Consultant, Environmental Restoration Manager, Land Reclamation Specialist, Scientific Researcher, and more

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