Students in this major prepare to manage forests or conduct forest research, providing timber, water, wildlife, or recreation, through this program accredited by the Society of American Foresters. This program develops leaders in management, conservation, and restoration of the world’s diverse forests. Students seeking to study forestry in this department are interested in solving problems related to protecting forest biodiversity, providing wood, water, recreation and wildlife for a growing society, and contributing to the advancement of knowledge about forests. Resolving today’s forest management issues requires a broad education in the biological, physical and social sciences, a solid understanding of the methods used to integrate information from many fields and to solve problems, and an in-depth knowledge of the sophisticated tools and techniques that are an essential part of modern forestry.

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Conservation Specialist, Ecologist, Environmental Consultant, Forestry Consultant, Land Conservation Manager, Park Manager, Research Technician, Timberland and Real Estate Investment Manager, Tree Management Analyst, Urban Forestry, Watershed Manager, and more

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