Study the building blocks of heredity and their influence, from molecules to populations, and prepare to have a profound impact on human affairs in this rapidly developing field. Genetics is one of the most exciting, rapidly expanding areas in the life sciences. More than an independent discipline, it has become the basis for understanding many aspects of medical and agricultural systems, animal and plant diseases, and even animal behavior. Developments in molecular genetics have provided biotechnologies that will dramatically affect our lives from the improved diagnosis of human disease, to the production of viral-resistant crops, to environmental cleanup. The undergraduate curriculum in genetics allows the study of several different aspects of genetics, including population genetics, human genetics and genetic engineering. The genetics major is designed to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for advanced studies in all disciplines related to life sciences from medicine/veterinary medicine to genetic engineering. This basic science curriculum also has enough flexibility to allow a student to prepare for such diverse careers as forensics, medicine, business or law.

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Cell Biologist, Physician, Genetic Counselor, Health Science Professional, Lab Technician, Medical Researcher, Veterinary Medicine, Forensic Science Technician, Law, and more

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