Plant & Environmental Soil Science

This major focuses on the science behind growing plants or dealing with products made from plants that we cannot live without (such as food, fiber, and fuel). Students learn to develop innovative and sustainable approaches to economic crop production and environmental protection. You can choose between an emphasis in Crops or Soil and Water. The crops emphasis focuses on the principles involved in the production, management, marketing and use of fiber, forage, grain, biofuel and oilcrops. In the soil and water emphasis, students will study the nature, properties, management, conservation, and use of soils and water. The students in Plant & Environmental Soil Science may choose a career in: education—consulting, extension, or public relations; production agriculture—biofuel or seed production, farming, or farm management; soil and water resource management—soil surveying, land appraisal, land use planning, conservation and pollution abatement, or watershed management; environmental—pollution control and environmental protection as affected by plant-soil-water interactions.

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Career ideas for Plant & Environmental Soil Science majors

Agricultural and Food Scientists, Agronomist, Agronomy Sales and Service, Crop Protection Specialist, Environmental Consultant, Natural Resource Manager, Plant Geneticist, Quality Assurance Specialist, Soil and Water Analyst, and more

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