Career Fair


This page is your one-stop website for everything related to the virtual career fairs this year. You will find all the resources ranging from improving your resume, preparing for interviews and attending the virtual career fairs on this page. 

The Career Fair at Texas A&M is a major recruiting event for undergraduate students. However, many graduate students, including international students, also get interviews and eventually hired from the Career Fair. 

Why go to the Career Fair?

The primary purpose of your time at the Career Fair is to get your name out there and make connections with recruiters—not just to get job offers immediately. The Career Fair is a great place for you to start networking with recruiters and prepare for your career.

The employers attending our Career Fairs are interested in you because they are searching for talent the same way you are searching for a job.  By attending the Career Fair, you can kill many birds with one stone by making connections all at one time.


Let's get started

Let’s begin by setting up your profile on HireAggies. Use your NetID and password to login or create your account in the HireAggies portal.  Once your profile is set up, go to the ‘documents’ section and upload your resume. To be prepared for the career fair, you can improve your resume by following the resume templates and use Vmock to get instant resume feedback. Another important piece of the career fair prep is the elevator pitch. Learn how to build your elevator pitch by watching our Youtube video.  To better understand how to navigate the virtual career fair environment watch the Symplicity virtual career fair tutorial ahead of time practice navigating through the page. 

Attend the career center events and make the best use of the workshops, tricks and hacks for the Career fair. If you need additional help on any career related topics, schedule an appointment with a career advisor. We are always happy to help! Read more on preparing for the virtual career fair on our blog post. 

Prepare for the Career Fair

To make the most out of your time at the Career Fair, create a plan for the event. 
1. Register early 
2. Research the industry and specific roles within the industry
3. Create a target company list
4. Research topics
5. Apply to positions
6. Write a “Cheat Sheet”
7. Prepare an “Elevator Pitch”

   More on how to prepare for career fair  →

During the Career Fair

1. Look professional (even in the virtual format)
2. Be prepared 
3. Tidy up background and use virtual background if necessary (in the virtual format)
3. Talk to recruiters and have memorable conversations

   More on what to do during the fair  →

After the Career Fair

Always send thank-you notes!

Professional courtesy indicates that you should send a thank-you note to anyone who spent time interacting with you during the recruitment process. Every thank-you email should be sent out within 24 hours.
Thank you emails typically follow a similar outline:

  • Start by addressing the person by title and name (find the correct spelling from their business cards or LinkedIn profile).
  • Thank the person for their time and interaction. Give some context for the meeting to refresh their memory of the event.
  • Next, explain what you learned and gained, as well as why it mattered to you, referencing specific parts of your conversation.
  • Mention the next steps you will take (for example, “Per your suggestion, I will be submitting an application for the position. I will be following up with you on a date.”).
  • Then, thank them again.
  • Add a complimentary close (Sincerely, Regards, Best Wishes, Respectfully), your name, and your phone number.

If you want to strengthen someone’s impression of you, consider sending out a handwritten letter to them in the mail in addition to a thank-you email.