Resume is the first step in your job or internship search. A 1-2 page document tailored to the job description, showcasing relevant experience and skillset in order to merit an interview with an employer. 

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Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a comprehensive version of your resume (equivalent to a master resume). CV's are primarily used in academic and research areas to find opportunities  as a professor, researcher, post doc, doctoral student etc. CV's do not have a page limit and may include summaries of experiences relating to teaching, research, list of publications, academic achievements, etc. 

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Cover letter

Cover letter usually accompanies a resume/ CV to demonstrate the passion for an organization and how the skills highlighted on the resume make you an ideal candidate. The focus here is not to repeat what has been stated on the resume but to connect the dots on how the experience you have will help the organization. 

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Reference Page

A reference page is required by employers on occasion in addition to your resume and cover letter. Your reference page is a separate document from your cover page and resume which provides a list of reference an employer could reach out in order to learn more about you.

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