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To make an appointment

All advisors are available for scheduled 30 minute appointments, however, they also have walk-in office hours. Walk-ins are first-come first-served and generally take about 15 minutes. 

Call 979-847-8938 to schedule your appointment or find out when your advisors walk-in office hours are.  Our office is typically open Monday - Friday, 8am to 5pm.


Email Please do not send emails asking for appointments; however, if you have any other questions, please fill out this form.

Faculty & Staff Resources

Our students here at Texas A&M University are fortunate to have dedicated and knowledgeable faculty and staff to help them achieve their educational goals. We at PSA realize this and are ready and eager to assist you. Below are just some of ways we are able to do this.

Academic Advisors - YOU are our essential partners in helping students achieve their professional goals. Health professions programs all have numerous prerequisite courses, which can sometimes seem like an ever-changing target. We keep our handouts up-to-date for professional schools in Texas and you are always welcome to use them in your advising program. In the PSA office we always refer academic concerns back to your offices.

Advisor Breakfast- To get to know you better, we hosts "Advisor Breakfasts" yearly so we can gather informally to discuss any changes in programs and prerequisites. Let us know if you would like to be included. If you have a medium to large advising staff, we are available to come to your office as well. We can also be found at the University Advisors and Counselor events as well. 

The PSA Portal - We provide a free service whereby letters of evaluation for students and former students applying to medical or dental school are collected.  This service provides students with the assurance that proper materials are being submitted to the schools they have selected.

These applicants will enter your name (the letter writer) and email address into the portal, which generates an automatic email to you that provides a link to the student's digital file. You will need to upload your letter and evaluation waiver using the instructions and link in the email. All letters should be dated, signed, and on official letterhead.  While we will accept these letters mailed through the U.S. Postal Service, we prefer them to be emailed.  Should you have questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Dionne Thomas

Sample Letter - Since students frequently need recommendation/evaluation letters for a variety of programs, we have provided a sample letter that offers helpful formatting and content tips, but in no way supercedes your judgment or preferences. Letters should be dated, signed, and on official letterhead.  

Our staff are eager to answer any questions you may have, so please feel free to contact us any time! 

Presentation Request

Presentations - Whether it's a senior seminar, a student organization or a freshman survey course, the PSA staff are uniquely positioned to provide an informative session for your students. We are happy to tailor the event to meet your students' needs: 

  • The PSA- services and programs we provide.

  • Gaining exposure to the professions.

  • Building a timeline for success.

  • Personal Statements, Statements of Purpose, and Application Essays.

Please fill out the request at at least a month prior to your event to give our office the opportunity to review our availability. Completing the form does not guarantee a speaker will be available, but we will do our best.   

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Having admissions statistics for your chosen profession is very important, but understanding what you see is critical.  A median or mean on grades or test scores merely gives you an estimate of "the middle" and is NOT a minimum.  When assessing information about your chances for admission to a particular school, the program specific advisor is always your best source of information.

Below are the admission stats for Aggies applying to Texas schools:

Dental School 

Law School 

Medical School 

Veterinary School