Starting your Career Journey as a College Freshman

Starting your Career Journey as a College Freshman

As a freshman in college, it’s easy to feel as though there’s not much you can do for your future career. However, career research and planning aren’t reserved just for your senior year. There are many steps you can take to place yourself on a career path that will prepare you well for when it comes time to apply and interview for jobs. Even if you haven’t decided on an exact career or even a major yet, these tips will help you start out on your career journey.
  1. Start creating your resume

Even if you don’t have an abundance of work experience or aren’t actively looking for a job right now, you should begin to build your resume during your freshman year. Include all the job experience you have at this moment in your job history. If your experience is limited, include volunteer work or leadership roles you’ve held. By starting to build your resume early, you not only lay the foundation to apply to your future career when it’s time, but also to any job you may want to apply for during college, which will in turn help you gain the experience you need for a successful career later on. You can receive resume feedback instantly with VMock.
  1. Develop your online presence.

LinkedIn isn’t only for those with many years of experience. You should create a profile with a professional photo and the experience you have as soon as you’re able. This will allow future employers and recruiters to view your professional presence and help you secure jobs, internships, and job shadowing opportunities. You can also make connections online and start networking with professionals, and keep up with your peers and receive updates as they begin to find opportunities of their own. When it’s time for you to network and apply for a job, you’ll be established and ready.
  1. Connect with the Career Center

The Texas A&M Career Center can help you start on your career path. Advisors are available to help with resumes, interviewing skills, networking skills, and finding opportunities for jobs and internships. They can also answer anything career-related that you have questions about or need guidance on. In addition, it’s important to utilize the HireAggies platform, which posts 60,000 jobs per year, and resources such as CareerFinder and Sigi3 to identify possible careers based on your skills and interests.
  1. Build skills and gain experience

The most beneficial thing you can do for your future career now is to gain as much experience as you can. Apply for jobs and internships and find job shadowing and research opportunities that interest you or connect to your desired field. Along with being able to add to your resume with your experience, you’ll also be developing skills, diving into your interests, and learning about what career path you may want to pursue, even if you change your mind along the way.
  1. Get involved!

Texas A&M University provides numerous opportunities for freshman to get involved through student organizations where you can develop your leadership and communication skills. Employers highly value these critical skills and they help you stand out in your interactions with an employer. Explore the 1000+ student organizations listed on the Student Activities website and attend the MSC open house to meet and learn about the various organizations. 

By following these tips as a freshman, you’ll be both a well-rounded student and a competitive applicant. Enjoy your college years and the growth that comes with them, and always be willing to learn and experience new things - it’ll take you far.

Written by Analise Narine, Digital Marketing Intern, Texas A&M Career Center

Posted by Abdul Kader, Abdullah on 8/6/2021 5:36:39 PM

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