Navigating the Healthcare Symposium

Navigating the Healthcare Symposium

The ECHO Health Care Symposium is an annual one-day event where healthcare program representatives from across Texas and beyond come to speak with Aggies. It is not limited to the health professions Professional School Advising advises for. This is a great opportunity for current and former students interested in all healthcare professions to not only find out what programs are looking for in candidates, but learn about a program’s culture. When a candidate is researching which program(s) to apply to or on the fence about which profession he/she is ultimately going to focus on, speaking with professionals working in that profession and with those professionals on a regular basis can help him/her make an informed decision. 
Here are some tips to prepare for the 2021 virtual ECHO Health Care Symposium: 
  1. Register and learn to navigate the virtual symposium

Visit for registration information, and register now
Watch the short video on how to navigate the virtual fair, when you register. This can help you avoid stress on the day of the fair. 
  1. Research and plan questions for representatives

Check which programs and test prep companies are attending the symposium, and make a list of the programs attending for the health profession(s) you are interested in. Research the program(s) ahead of time, so you are not asking questions that can easily be found on their website(s). You may want to clarify information. The list will be updated through the day of the fair, so check back.
Review the “Suggested Questions for Health Fair Attendees” at for question ideas.
  1. Test Equipment

You want to avoid technical difficulties, when possible. Test the webcam you plan to use and the microphone on your laptop or computer, at least one day before the symposium. Find a quiet place to speak with programs, during the symposium. You may choose to add a simple virtual background or have an actual wall as your background. Last but not least is to make sure you have a stable Wi-Fi connection. Test your technology ahead of time to make yourself more comfortable and to be at ease on the day of the fair. 
  1. Dress for Success

A virtual symposium doesn’t mean you don’t dress from head to toe. While your pajama pants might be fun, they don’t send the right message. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Make sure your professional attire is ready to go and dress appropriately from head to toe. 
  1. Take Notes

You want to jot down the name(s) of the program representative(s), contact information, and any other important information y’all discuss. This information might help in drafting a thank you note following the event. 
Helpful hint: Some programs send the same representative(s) each year, so keeping your notes will help you with step #2 for the 2022 symposium. 
  1. Enjoy the symposium

The program representatives are excited to meet you and/or see you again, so relax and enjoy the time you have with them. 

Written by Brie Garcia, Senior Career Coordinator for Pre-Law, Pre-OT, Pre-Pharmacy, and Pre-PT

Posted by Abdul Kader, Abdullah on 2/20/2021 12:08:48 PM

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