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Let the Career Center help you connect the dots between your interests and your future through major exploration, resume writing, job shadowing and more!


My Major

Explore Majors at A&M, and get ideas on potential career paths!

Remember: Your major does not equal your career! For more ideas about how to put your education to work, talk with your specific Career Advisor. 
Call (979) 845-5139 to schedule an appointment.

Career Advising

Meet your Career Advisor! The Career Center has an advisor that specializes in each academic department. 

Whether you are unsure if your major is the right fit for you, or you want to discuss your options after graduation, we recommend that you schedule a meeting with your Career Advisor today! 

Call (979) 845-5139 to schedule an appointment with your Career Advisor.

Professional School Advising

Meet your Professional School Advisor! The Career Center has advisors that specialize in assisting students interested in Dentistry, Law, Medical, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, and Veterinary Medicine. 

We also provide a variety of resources that include information on professional school selections, the application process, summer programs, volunteer opportunities, workshops and much more. We recommend that you schedule a meeting with your advisor today! 

Call (979) 847-8938 to schedule an appointment with your Professional School Advisor.


Interested in learning more about how your values, interests, and skills relate to choosing a career?

Sigi3 is a detailed decision-making model offered free to students by the Career Center. It gives guidance on selecting a major, and finding occupations related to your major and interests.

Additional Career Assessments, including Career Counseling & Testing Services, provided by Texas A&M Student Counseling Services, help students who are in the initial stages of career exploration and choosing a major. A variety of programs are provided to help students with the career choice process.


HireAggies is designed to assist you throughout your entire career exploration process. Whether you are just starting to network, interested in job shadowing or internships, or have begun the full-time job search, HireAggies is a one-stop shop for all of your career needs.



This unique program allows you to experience a "day in the life" at a company or industry you're interested in!

In 2017 over 75 companies participated in the AggiExternship Program! 65 different majors were represented - there is truly something for everyone!

The 2018 AggiExternship Program will be held on January 9th, 10th, 11th, & 12th!

Learn more about an AggiExternship!

Resumes & Cover Letters

Your resume is designed to be a marketing tool that will highlight your experience and skills. A resume is not designed to get you a job, but to get you the interview.

Writing your resume? Use a Resume template for a jump start!

A cover letter serves as an introduction, enticing prospective employers to turn the page and review your resume.

Check out our Cover Letter Checklist and Samples.


An internship is a work experience related to your major or industry of interest. It may or may not be for academic credit.

Learn more about internships and discover how to find the best experience for you!

Cooperative Education (Co-op)

Cooperative Education is a supervised, academic program for qualified students that formally integrates semesters of academic study with multiple semesters of paid, full-time work experience while retaining full-time student status.

Interested in a co-op? Learn how to participate.


Networking is the process of gathering helpful information from a group of contacts to assist you in planning your career. Through this process, you can build personal contacts that will help you to learn firsthand about your career options and connect you to potential employers.

Learn how to network effectively!


Key Job Search Strategies

Before starting your search for a job or internship, you want to make sure you are following some key job search strategies, including:

Career Fairs

Career Fairs are a great opportunity to connect with recruiters, and Texas A&M hosts some of the largest fairs in the country! 

Find a complete list of upcoming fairs as well as resources to help you prepare here.

Company Research

How can you prove you're the best fit for a company if you don't know the company's mission, history, or future needs? 

Reach out to networking contacts at each company for informational interviews, and use this
checklist to help you get started.


A first impression is a lasting impression! Have an upcoming interview? Review our Interviewing tips!

We have a Zero Tolerance Policy for Interview No-Shows and Late Cancellations. View details and consequences HERE.

Dress for Success

Different companies and industries have different norms in regard to dress. You should always research a company and its culture to learn more about its dress code. 

Tips to consider as you prepare for interviews, Career Fairs, internships, and full-time jobs!



Graduate School

Considering master's or doctoral programs? We can assist you with researching schools, creating application timelines and personal statements, preparing for interviews, or just deciding whether graduate school would be a good fit for your interests and career goals. 

Call 979-845-5139 if you'd like to make an appointment with our grad school advisor.

Review our Application Checklist and Personal Statement tips!

Professional School

Considering professional school programs? We can assist you with information on professional school selections, the application process, summer programs, volunteer opportunities, workshops, and much more. 

Call 979-847-8938 if you'd like to make an appointment with your professional school advisor.

Salary Evaluation & Negotiation

Evaluation and negotiation of your offer letter are important final steps in the hiring process. Review our tips for effective Salary Evaluation and Keys to Negotiation.