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  • Achieving an All-Star Status LinkedIn Profile

    Posted on 07/04/2021 04:47 PM

    LinkedIn is a powerful tool to help you build and nurture your professional network. If you just simply created a profile on LinkedIn, but haven’t fully completed it, you might not be getting noticed by recruiters. According to LinkedIn, “users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn.” 

    Max out your potential and reduce your competition by getting to All-Star status! There are several steps needed to achieve all-star status. Check out these steps that will help you get to all-star status: 


    1. Upload a professional photo as your profile photo & cover photo 

    Adding a professional photo makes you 11 times more likely to be found by hiring managers and recruiters. This is important because more profile views can translate to more visibility in your industry and more connections. There are a  few things to remember when selecting a LinkedIn photo: 

    • Make sure you’re the only one in the photo

    • Wear professional attire 

    • Avoid selfies at all costs!  

    • Use the cover photo to customize your profile and showcase your desired industry. 

    Professional photos can be pricey but you can create a professional profile photo without hiring a professional photographer. By following these simple tips, you too can take a professional photo for free!

    1. Include your education details 

    Fellow students and alumni are a key part of your professional network. Use your education to increase your chances of showing up in search results. LinkedIn gives users the ability to search for users by universities. 

    1. Create an informative headline & include your desired industry & current location 

    Instead of just listing that you’re a student or your current job title, use the 120 characters to your advantage by highlighting your passion and areas of interests. Check out this article for how to write a great headline as a student: 
    It is also important to update your industry and location information because they’re used as search criteria by recruiters. 


    1. Create a captivating summary section 

    It can be intimidating to write about yourself, but the summary section is a great place to expand on your headline by adding a “story” element to your experience and career aspirations. You can also incorporate keywords or skills from your industry. This is a great place to highlight your success and boost your credibility.  Check out this blog post for some tips on writing a great summary section: 


    1. Compose your experience section to include part-time work, internships and volunteer work 

    Listing your current position and two past positions makes your profile more likely to be found. Use your experience and volunteer sections from your resume as a good starting place, but expand on your bullet points. There aren’t any page or character limits. 

    1. Add skills

    Review profiles of your peers and colleagues to see what types of skills are listed. Use the ones that apply to you. To reach all-star status, you will need to have at least five skills listed. 

    1. Get connected with at least 50 connections 

    The main goal of having a LinkedIn is to build and maintain your network. You can start connecting with your peers, family, friends and professors. LinkedIn also provides suggestions of people to add to your network. It's always a good idea to add a personal message when you send out invitations to connect. This helps give context as to why you’re wanting to connect with that person. 

    1. Secure personalized URL 

    While this isn’t a requirement for all-star status, it makes your profile look more professional and easier to find. It also makes it easier to share on your resume. When you’re on your profile page, there should be an option to edit your public profile and URL. You should use some form of your first and last name. 

    1. Follow companies & hashtags 

    Just like other social media platforms, you can follow companies and hashtags. This allows you to stay up to date on current trends and issues within your desired industry. 

    These steps will set you up for success in creating an All-Star LinkedIn profile! 


    Check out more Career Center resources on building an all-star LinkedIn page, as well as LinkedIn basics!


    Written by Amarette Renieri & Caitlyn Dartez, Career Advisors, Texas A&M Career Center