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  • Biochemistry

    This is the branch of science concerned with the chemical and physicochemical processes that occur within living organisms. Students in this major study life from the molecular level to the most complex organisms, and learn how to improve health, fight disease, and work toward scientific breakthroughs in all areas of the life sciences. The undergraduate biochemistry curriculum is designed to provide a solid background in chemistry and the physical sciences, as well as in the biological sciences.

    Consequently, biochemistry is an especially versatile major giving undergraduates many options when they complete their BS degree. A biochemistry major provides a strong background for entering graduate school in a variety of fields, and biochemistry majors often go on to graduate school or to professional schools such as medicine, veterinary medicine or dentistry. Biochemistry majors excel in biomedical professional schools because of their strong background in the basic sciences. In addition, a wide variety of job opportunities is open to biochemistry majors with a BS degree. Many find rewarding careers working in laboratories as research scientists, forensic scientists and technicians in clinical, governmental and university laboratories. Biochemists are also employed by diverse companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, food and scientific equipment industries.

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    Career ideas for Biochemistry majors:

    Science Educator, Medical Writer, Museum Curator, Science Journalist, Zoological Park Educational Staff, Clinical Geneticist, Clinical Laboratory Technician, Medical Laboratory Technician, Medical Laboratory Scientist, Medical Technologist, Clinical Trial Coordinator, Clinical Research Coordinator, Behavioral Interview Coordinator, Data Coordinator, Cytogenetic Technologist, Clinical Cytogeneticist Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Forensic Pathologist, Medical Examiner, Molecular Genetic Technologist, Nurse Anesthetist, Molecular Biologist, Neuroscientist, Nutritional Biochemist, Plant Biologist, Physiologist, Medical/Pharmaceutical/Laboratory Product & Equipment Sales

    College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

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