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    Chemists study and analyze the properties, structure, composition and reactions of natural and synthetic substances and examine the underlying chemical principals. In the next century, advances in chemistry will profoundly impact our world. Chemist's abilities to understand and manipulate molecules will radically change our industries, our health and our interactions with the environment. Chemistry is at the heart of the knowledge needed for the biotechnology revolution to succeed.

    In addition to the traditional BS degree (which allows for optional minors) and the traditional BA degree (minor required), the Department of Chemistry offers five tracks to guide students in their selection of electives for particular career paths in biological chemistry, environmental chemistry, and chemical education. These tracks include Biological Chemistry (BA), Chemical Education-Secondary (BA), Environmental Chemistry (BA), Biological Chemistry (BS), and Environmental Chemistry (BS). Career paths chosen by recent chemistry graduates include: Medical, Dental, Vet or Pharmacy School, Law School, Forensic Chemistry, Graduate School, Teaching, Industrial Positions, and Military/Government Careers.

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    Career ideas for Chemistry majors:

    Analytical Chemist, Biochemist Development Manager, Forensic Chemist, Government Researcher, Industrial Process Chemist, Laboratory Supervisor, Laboratory Technician Professor, Pollution Control and Remediation, Quality Control Inspector, Research and Development Chemist, Science Journalist

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