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    The field of marketing involves numerous activities.  As a consumer, you probably encounter these activities on a daily basis through television, the mail, and the internet. Some responsibilities of individuals involved in marketing include: developing advertising campaigns, conducting research on customer needs, setting product prices, and determining how products should be delivered and displayed.

    Marketing executives are responsible for listening to their customers, keeping their fingers on the pulse of the marketplace, using what they learn to develop products and services the meet or exceed customer needs, and staying in touch to keep customers satisfied. More than anything else, modern marketing is about developing innovative solutions to customer problems and taking better care of your customers than your competitors do.

    Students in this major focus their studies in one of five areas: 1) Advertising Strategy, 2) Analytics and Consulting, 3) Healthcare Marketing, 4) Professional Selling and Sales Management, or 4) Strategic Retailing.

    1) Students who complete the Advertising Strategy track are well-prepared for careers in advertising account services or brand management, or they may choose to specialize in related areas such as media planning, social and digital media, or public relations.

    2) The Analytics and Consulting track complements the student’s degree and provides tangible evidence of rigorous academic and experiential preparation for a career in analytics or consulting. Students who complete this track can work in marketing analytics or consulting positions for marketing, information systems, or organizational structure.

    3) The Healthcare Marketing track curriculum emphasizes healthcare service quality, the business of healthcare, and healthcare technology. Students who complete this track can work in healthcare marketing positions in service quality and healthcare technology.

    4) Students who are looking to expand their communication and relationship building skills should consider the Professional Selling and Sales Management track. Upon graduating in the sales track, students will have enhanced their interpersonal communication skills in a business environment which gives them a distinct advantage in the job market regardless of the planned career path.

    5) The Strategic Retailing track supplements the degree by tailoring directed elective courses and building specific retailing skills.  Graduates who complete this track are well equipped for exciting careers in management, merchandising, retail financial planning, and marketing. Completion of the program provides tangible evidence of commitment to and expertise in retailing.

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    Career ideas for Marketing majors:

    Account Manager, Advertising Manager, Brand Manager, Buyer/Assistant Buyer, Consultant, Marketing Research Analyst, Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Specialist, Media Planner/Analyst, Merchandising Specialist, New Product Representative, Product Manager/Analyst, Public Relations Representative, Purchasing Agent, Research Analyst, Sales Manager, Retail Sales Representative, Retail Store Manager

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