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    Society, Ethics, and Law (S.E.A.L.) is a University Studies degree that has been designed for students who are interested in pursuing law school, or developing a highly transferable skill set that is useful to non-profits and businesses alike. To this end, S.E.A.L.’s curriculum is primarily guided by the published recommendations of the American Bar Association (A.B.A.). While the A.B.A. does not recommend nor require any particular major, it does encourage prospective law students to i) pursue opportunities (courses and experiences) that cultivate a specific set of skills; ii) obtain experiences that “can help [them] hit the ground running when [they] become a lawyer;” and iii) develop “a broad understanding of history, including the various factors (social, political, economic, and cultural) that have influenced the development of our society in the United States.”
    The requirements for this University Studies degree reflect the A.B.A.’s recommendation. Under the broad themes of Society, Ethics and Law, the degree requires classes that contribute to a broad understanding of philosophy, politics, economics and history. Specifically, S.E.A.L. requires that students complete 24 hours of major requirements, a minor in Philosophy, and a second minor outside of the College of Liberal Arts. In addition to obtaining a broad understanding of society, ethics and law, the degree requires that students pursue experiences and opportunities that typically cultivate the A.B.A’s recommended skill set including problem solving, critical thinking, writing and editing, oral communication and listening, and research skills.
    The study of philosophy lends itself to the development of the five recommended skills. To this end, the required minor in Philosophy provides an opportunity to cultivate these skills. Students are strongly advised to take philosophy courses over and above the minimum requirements for a minor, including independent studies and honors research courses. Those who take at least eight philosophy classes are encouraged to speak with an advisor about the possibility of obtaining a double major with Philosophy.

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