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  • Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences

    This major is dedicated to discovering and conserving biodiversity and natural resources and managing ecological systems. Students choose to study one of three options: Aquatic Ecology and Conservation, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, or Vertebrate Zoology.

    The Aquatic Ecology and Conservation option is designed for both students interested in the research and management of fish, other freshwater and marine organisms, and the ecosystems that sustain them, as well as controlled production of organisms in aquatic systems.

    The Wildlife Ecology and Conservation option is designed for students interested in the research, management and conservation of wildlife and the ecosystems that support it. It allows for the study of wildlife ecology, wildlife and fisheries management, conservation biology, and animal behavior management.

    The Vertebrate Zoology option provides the rigorous training needed for careers in the fields of ichthyology, herpetology, mammalogy and ornithology, with disciplinary expertise in areas such as behavior, ecology, evolution, genetics, molecular biology, physiology and systematics.

    It is a flexible program which permits the inclusion of courses specifically required by graduate degree programs as well as schools of dentistry, law, medicine and veterinary medicine. Courses in this major combine ecological theory and management principles.

    What do you want to do with Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences?

    Career ideas for Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences majors:

    Conservation Scientist, Environmental Consultant, Federal and State Natural Resources Agencies, Game Warden, Wildlife Biologist or Zoologist, Wildlife Manager, Veterinary or Medical School

    College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

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