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As one of the nation's premier public institutions of higher education, Texas A&M University is recognized for its commitment to excellence. At the Career Center, our focus is to continue this legacy as we work in concert with employers to satisfy hiring needs. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you as you seek exceptional candidates to meet your organizational needs.


Career Fairs

Several Career Fairs are offered each semester. View current Career Fairs on our Events page.

Student Organizations

Internships & Co-ops

An internship is a career-related work experience usually lasting one semester, often occuring during the summer. Internships should be a carefully monitored learning experience for the student - assignments appropriate to the student's educational level and related to their field of study are expected.

Co-op is an educational program which provides students with a structured and progressive work experience, combining semesters of on-campus coursework with paid, practical experience. Co-op students are paid during their work assignments, and also receive academic credit. 

During a co-op, some students alternate employment with semesters at TAMU (ex: Fall at work, Spring at A&M, Summer at work), many work back-to-back semesters (ex: Spring & Summer or Summer & Fall), and others work single semester work terms prior to returning to school.


  • On-line job posting service (HireAggies)

  • Interview facilities for on-campus interviews

  • Recruiting strategies and staff that can assist you every step of the way

  • If you would like to provide internships for credit, the Career Center will assist you in contacting the respective academic departments

Recruiting Unique Populations

Employers responding to NACE's 2013 Recruiting Benchmarks Survey rated 'Identifying talent early' as one of the most important factors in college recruiting. 83.7% of respondants rated early identification as 'Very Important' or 'Extremely Important' to their success.

Texas A&M is preparing students at an earlier age to engage with employers and we encourage you to consider expanding your strategies to include underclassmen.

Ways to engage with underclassmen: FLOs (Freshmen Leadership Organizations), targeted workshops & programs, Career Exploration Days, Employer Spotlight in the Freshman & Sophomore Newsletter

Texas A&M is home to a growing Veteran population of almost 1,200 students. There are many advantages to hiring someone who has served in the U.S. Military.

A student Veteran embodies the strengths, character and skills you are looking for, including:
1. Maturity, Discipline, and Leadership
2. Diverse/Global Experiences
3. Interpersonal Communication & Collaborative Skills
4. Focused on Achievement and Success

5. Efficient under Pressure

Please visit our Veteran Resource & Support Center for additional information.

Texas A&M is home to roughly 600 student athletes who compete at the highest level, both in the classroom and on their respective fields of play. The transferable skills a student-athlete develops during their everyday experiences can transition extremely well into the workplace.

Consider these 5 inherent qualities of most student-athletes competing at this level:
Achievement Oriented
2. Resilient
Strong Communicators
4. Team Oriented
Effective Time Management

Please review our International Student Services website, including important Employment Information

Career Center Services

The Texas A&M Career Center is a centralized model which allows employers to post one position to any degree level and major.*  The Employer Services Recruiting Coordinators are responsible for different employer segments.  Please contact your representative with questions related to job postings, on campus recruiting or information sessions.

Shirley Alvarado – Employers #'s, A - L
Brenda Riley – Employers M - Z, Career Center Partners, and PPA 

Des Wilson – Director, Employment Services
View all Career Center contacts.
*Employers seeking only MBA or Master level Mays Business students should contact the Mays Career Management Center for assistance.


Posting a Position

Post a position and collect resumes for full-time, intern or co-op through the Create Job Posting module.

Creating an On Campus Recruiting schedule (OCR)

Reserve interview rooms at the Career Center through the OCR module on HireAggies.  Depending on your selections, you can also have HireAggies automate much of the interview scheduling process. If your desired date is not available on the sign-up page, call the Career Center at 979-845-5139.

Requesting an Info Session

Use HireAggies to schedule an information session at the Memorial Student Center, Rudder Tower or Wehner (Mays Business School).  The Career Center will work with you and the A&M Hospitality staff to finalize details of the event.

Important Info Session Information

  • Please be aware that there may be a cost of renting space, which should be discussed between you and the A&M Hospitality staff
  • Allow for a two-week lead time in scheduling
  • Complete a Customer Information Form 
    • Use all CAPS, Blue or black ink, Customer/Company Name (First, MI, Last), SSN or Federal ID Number.
  • Complete a Food Waiver if you are planning to serve food and/or beverages


Maps, Directions & Parking

Driving Directions to Texas A&M University

Show Me the Career Center on the Map.The Career Center is located in Room 209 of the John J. Koldus Building (JJKB). The Koldus Building is connected to the University Center Parking Garage (UCG), directly across the street (Joe Routt Blvd) from the Rudder Theatre Complex.

PARKING: The closest visitor parking location is University Center Garage (UCG), attached to our Koldus Bldg. The next convenient location is Cain Garage (CSS), located at Gene Stallings Blvd. and Joe Routt Blvd. Please call us at (979) 845-5139 if you have any issues finding parking.

To get to the Career Center from CSS, walk northeast along Joe Routt Blvd. and cross Houston Street.

The Career Center is unable to validate parking. Visitor Parking rates. Please be aware that some parking pay machines only accept credit cards.

For more information about visiting Texas A&M, please visit the Bryan/College Station Convention & Visitor Bureau website. Topics include Restaurants, Things to Do, Hotels, Shopping, and more!

Student Salary & Demographic Data

Salary Info

Accountability Website

DARS (Student Enrollment Info)


Academic Calendar


NACE Principles for Professional Conduct for Career Services and Employment Professionals

  • NACE Principles

  • The Texas A&M University Career Center is a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the preeminent association dedicated to the advancement of college career services and college talent recruiting programs. As such, NACE has long promulgated guiding ethical principles that help to ensure that the recruitment process is fair and equitable and supports informed and responsible decision making.  As a member of NACE, the Texas A&M University Career Center adheres to these principles and we expect the employers that use our services to likewise adhere to them.

Third-Party Recruiters and Employment Agencies

Campus interviews should be directly scheduled and conducted by the recruiting organization's employees, rather than by third-party representatives. In cases where third-party representatives are allowed to interview, they must disclose the client(s) they are representing, the type of position, and to whom the student's credentials will be disclosed. The Texas A&M University Career Center will verify this information by contacting the named client(s) to ensure compliance with NACE and Texas A&M University policies. The Texas A&M University Career Center reserves the right to prohibit third-party recruiting.
Third-party representatives will conduct campus recruiting at Texas A&M University under the name of the hiring organization. Under no circumstances can student information be disclosed for any reason other than recruiting purposes with the designated client(s), nor can it be sold or distributed to other entities. Third-party recruiters coming to the Texas A&M University campus will represent only one firm during an interview schedule, presentation, or at a booth during a fair or other Career Center activity.
Similarly, employment agencies should schedule and conduct interviews for their own internal positions, not for those for which clients have contracted with them to fill.

Job Offers

  • Employers making employment offers to Texas A&M University students are asked to review the NACE Position Statement on Setting Reasonable Deadlines for Job Offers.

  • In accordance with NACE Principles of Professional Conduct, we ask that you refrain from any practice that improperly influences and affects job acceptances, including undue time pressure and exploding offers.

  • While we recognize that you may have certain restrictions in how flexible you can be, we do ask that you give students a minimum of two weeks to consider full-time, co-op, and internship offers.  Further, to minimize reneges or declines after offer acceptance, we encourage you to leave offers open until October 15th in the Fall and March 1st in the Spring.

  • For extending an offer after your summer internship program, we encourage you to give students until October 15th to accept the offer.

  • All offers for full-time, co-op or internships employment should be made in writing, either electronic or hard-copy.  The start of the offer timeline is defined by the date on the written offer letter.


  • Texas A&M University students who register in HireAggies acknowledge the Career Center’s policy that they will stop interviewing when they accept an offer of employment. 

  • If a student reneges after accepting a job offer with you, we ask that you contact us at (979) 845-5139. Students who engage in this behavior will be blocked from using HireAggies and their department head will be notified. 

  • We ask that you also refrain from this practice and not withdraw offers made to candidates.  Though economic pressure may require a shift in recruiting, we encourage you to contact us prior to taking action so that we can collaborate on an alternative plan to minimize the impact on Texas A&M University students.


  • The Career Center follows the NACE policy on recruiting that requires all recruiting activity, including presentations, information sessions, and employer-sponsored events, to be alcohol free.

Non-Discrimination Policy

  • The Texas A&M University Career Center is an equal opportunity and affirmative action institution.  These same EEO guidelines apply to employers utilizing the On-Campus Interview Program and the Job Listing service.



To enhance your recruiting experience at Texas A&M, we invite you to become a member of the Career Center Corporate Partner Program. Your membership provides customized options to promoting your organization, engage more with our student population, designing and implementing special events, and recognition as a Career Center Partner. The program enables the Career Center mission of developing innovative programs to enhance career readiness and prepare our students to contribute to your organization's success. The membership lasts for a full year and the support fee is tax deductible. Each Partner is assigned an account manager to ensure your benefits are being used most effectively. We appreciate our Partner's commitment to the career development growth of Texas A&M students and helping us prepare them for the workplace.

Click below for a full list of partner benefits:
Maroon Partner, Gold Partner and Silver Partner Benefits

Become a Career Center Partner

Increasing company visibility and creating a positive presence on campus are keys to a successful recruiting strategy. The Career Center invites you to participate in our Partnership Program, which provides a customized approach to promoting your organization, designing and implementing special events, and recognition as a Career Center Partner.  

Please contact Employment Services for more information about this opportunity.

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Support the Career Center

Make a tax deductible donation online in support of the Career Center. 


How do I sign up for a Career Fair?

The majority of career fairs are managed by student organizations and not the Career Center.  Our Events Page is updated each semester to reflect scheduled events along with registration and contact information.

What type of jobs can I post in HireAggies?

Each job posting is reviewed prior to going live in HireAggies to ensure adherence to specific guidelines. 

All full-time, internship and cooperative education (co-op) jobs must be:

  • 40 hours per week

  • Paid

A position in HireAggies cannot be:

  • Campus Ambassador or Virtual Assistant position

  • Requiring the student to pay a fee, send personal information, etc.

  • Third party blind posting targeting current students

  • EEO Policy violation

What is the salary range for a particular major?

Salary information is collected from graduating students each semester and aggregated for reference.  Salary Survey Results are available.  Co-ops and interns are typically paid 60 – 80% of what a recent graduate in their major would receive.  This information is representative but does not include all offers made during the selected time period.

Does the Career Center charge fees for job postings or on campus interviews?

The Career Center does not charge fees for job postings or to interview at the Career Center.  When posting positions through HireAggies, the employer has the option to Post to This School Only or Post to Multiple Schools.  If you choose Post to This School Only, there is no fee when your position is submitted to HireAggies.  If you choose Post to Multiple Schools, you are utilizing the NACE OneStop feature and have the ability to post the same position to multiple schools at the same time.  The option does require a fee which is paid to NACE.  Once posted, the position is submitted to HireAggies and the other schools selected.

Do you offer resume books?

Resume books are offered as a service to Career Center Partners only.