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  • Political Science

    Political science is the study of governments, the processes by which government officials and institutions make public policies, and the effects of those policies on society. The governments of all nations – and all levels of government such as those for cities and states as well as national governments – are subjects of study in this discipline. Political science also researches the political attitudes and behavior of citizens and of those individuals who hold official government positions. It also examines the relationships among the nations of the world. Among other things, political science addresses power, authority, influence, identity, ethics, law, liberty, justice, wealth, and violence.

    The study of political science introduces students to a powerful set of analytical tools for understanding interactions within and among groups of people. These include systematic knowledge of recurring patterns and problems in political life and methods for collecting and analyzing data and other forms of evidence. Studying political science also cultivates critical thinking and effective communication and prepares students for active citizenship, professional success, and lifelong learning. Both the BA and BS are options within this major.

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    Career ideas for Political Science majors:

    Management, Law, Consulting, Human Resources, Journalism, Legislation, Foreign Service, Lobbying, Market Strategy, Government, Special Agent, Publicist, Secondary Education Teacher, Research Analyst, Pollster, Demographer

    Bush School of Government & Public Service

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